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Providing The Best Commercial Truck Parking and Semi Trailer Storage In Las Vegas.

24/7/365 Gate Access

Gate Access via Cell Phone

Camera Surveillance On-line

Parking & Storage to Meet Your Needs

Parking Semi Trucks, Equipment & Boats, has never been easier. Sleep with a peace of mind knowing it's secure and protected. Our facilities are manned 24/7 and fully operated by the highest operating CCTV.  Live ins and or sleepovers are forbidden. We protect your equipment like it's our own, because we have our own! We truly know what it takes to give you that peace of mind you deserve. Reserve spaces now available. First come, first serve bases. 

Our Working

In Las Vegas, there is a shortage of outdoor parking available.  We took it upon us to serve the needs and opened a 24/7 fully secured, reserved parking spots in accommodating locations. Having a 5-acre yard and 24-hour access to it is a great convenience. Each piece of personal equipment is logged and only the owner is allowed to enter or exit.



Park King LV

In Las Vegas, there is a lot of outdoor storage and parking available. This is why we opened a 24/7 Personal Secured, Gated, and Fenced reserved parking spot in Las Vegas. Having a 5-acre yard and 24-hour access to it is a great convenience. Each piece of equipment, truck, boat, and RV is logged and only the owner is allowed to enter or exit. So what are you waiting for? Get a reserved parking spot in Las Vegas with Park King LV. We are available all day and every day at your service.

Types of Vehicle Storage

Outdoor Storage

There are many benefits of outdoor vehicle storage, such as the fact that it is suitable for motorhomes, campers, trailers, large boats, and work trucks. We provide outdoor storage in designated parking spaces up to 12 feet wide and of various lengths. An outdoor storage unit is a perfect choice for vehicles that are too large to fit inside an enclosed unit. 


Grand Opening

July 1 2022

for the first 30 days we will discount for $450.00 per month... we will only offer this until July 30th ... reserve your space now, call now!


Every vehicle is
electronically logged.



Park King LV

Our security philosophy is based on proactive security management. Pre-reserving parking locations via the Park King LV platform helps us increase the security of our transports when they are most vulnerable: when standing still. A guaranteed secure parking spot gives peace of mind for the whole company, from driver to administration. We provide a fully automated and a secure parking space for all types of vehicles. 


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