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What do we do?

In Las Vegas, there is not a lot of outdoor storage and parking available. This is why we opened a 24/7 Personal Secured, Gated, and Fenced reserved parking spots in Las Vegas. Having a 5-acre yard and 24-hour access to it is a great convenience. Each piece of equipment, truck, boat, and RV is logged and only the owner is allowed to enter or exit.

Why choose us?

A proactive approach to security management is the basis of our security philosophy. We can increase the security of our transports by pre-reserving parking spaces through Park King LV. When our transports are standing still, they are most vulnerable. As a result, the driver and company administration can feel at ease, knowing that the parking will be secure. Choosing us will provide you the following benefits:

  • Save Money

  • Save Time

  • No Stress

Our Vision

We at Park King LV are committed to providing the best and most effective dedicated parking spaces and storage services. We are proven to be your helping hand to safeguard your vehicles when you are lacking space. 

Our Mission

Team Park King is committed to helping you safeguard your vehicles with our reserved parking slot. You need not worry about the storage or parking of your vehicles when we are here at your services. With our fully equipped services, you will get stress-free and hassle-free storage and parking solutions.  

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