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Convenient, safe, and affordable designated parking space

The act of parking is often a high-friction experience, whether it involves circling the block, searching for a curbside opening, or rushing to vacate the space before an impatient driver looms in your rearview mirror. That's what it costs to get into your car. Although technology has advanced so rapidly that many of our daily activities are increasingly seamless, from shopping to paying bills-even travel-parking still remains one of the most difficult aspects of vehicle ownership.

There is a possibility of walking a razor-thin line if parking shifts in the future as players in the mobility ecosystem try to meet the demands of today's customers while preparing for a future that could look dramatically different as shared and eventually autonomous vehicles become standard. But you need not worry about the vehicle parking when we at Park King LV are here at your service. We provide extraordinary parking and storage facilities for all types of vehicles including bobtail truck parking that will lead you to a hassle-free life. It is understandable that you might be fed of the daily parking struggles for your car or any other vehicle.


We make sure that your vehicles are kept safe at your designated parking space. Also, we are here to provide extra daily/ weekly parking services and month to month rental agreement parking as well that will help you to get some extra hours of parking and storage. This is because in case you need some extra hours on a daily or weekly basis, you will not have to struggle with the lack of parking and storage facilities. We are your one-stop solution to get hassle-free parking facilities.

Choosing us will provide you tremendous benefits.

Want to know what are these benefits? Let’s see:

  • Gated and Secure Parking Area

  • Security Camera’s with Recording 

  • 24/7 Access

  • Keypad Access 

  • Month to Month Contracts

  • Numbered Parking Spaces

  • Wide Aisles to Easily Maneuver Your Vehicle

So what are you waiting for? Hurry Up! Get in touch with us to avail our pocket-friendly services to safely park your vehicles.

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