Dedicated Car Parking: Top 5 Tips To Park Your Car Safely

One of the crimes with the quickest rate of growth is vehicle theft. According to official statistics, every day nearly 100 occurrences of vehicle theft in urban regions of the nation are reported. The statistics for rural areas aren't much better either.

Experts and bureaucrats agree that a major factor in this growing problem is people's propensity to leave their cars parked in forbidden locations. Thus, careful parking of your vehicle is crucial to ensure security and safety. Also, this is where the need for a dedicated car parking space comes in.

Additionally, it's crucial for you to practice some fundamental car parking techniques like parallel parking, reverse parking, and others if you live in an urban area with often heavy traffic congestion and few parking places. This will help you avoid avoidable conflicts as well as lower the likelihood that your car will sustain damage.

To maintain the greatest level of safety for your car, you should abide by the following basic parking advice.

The Common Parking Area Dangers

In most cases, people approach designated parking areas carefully. It is surrounded by pedestrians, where many other drivers have parked an

d moved their cars, and even there, the view is constrained. People in these places do not take any safety precautions because they drive slowly. Parking accidents are the result of this ignorance. Several of the typical parking risks include:

  • High-speed driving close to parking

  • Ignoring people on foot

  • Aggressive parking space approach

  • Disregarding the individuals occupying parking spaces

In addition to all of these risks, distraction is one of the biggest risks at parking lots. A sizable percentage of motorists openly acknowledge that they feel at ease using their cellphones when they park their vehicles. When parking their cars, they engage in a variety of activities, including:

  • Talking on phone

  • Responding to emails and texts adjusting their car's GPS

  • Social media usage

  • Taking pictures or watching videos

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Ways To Safely Park Your Car

1. Choose a dedicated parking space

Your car could be stolen if you park it somewhere that is not approved. The Motor Vehicles (Amendment) Act of 2019 further stipulates that if your car is discovered parked in a "no parking zone," you may be required to pay a fine. As a result, you must only ever park your car in a dedicated parking space. These areas include parking garages, lots, parking places along the side of the road, open parking, free parking in Las Vegas, etc. Security is usually present in parking lots to prevent automobile theft. By parking in designated areas, you can also avoid receiving a high fee.

2. Park close to other vehicles

Try to leave your car parked near other cars and in well-lit areas. Make sure, though, that you are not blocking access or restricting space by parking too near the front or rear bumper of another car. In well-lit places, thieves are less likely to gain access to your car and you can inspect the area around the parking space.

3. Avoid parking close to large vehicles

Avoid parking too close to too large cars, such as vans, buses, semi trucks, lorries, etc., even though it is a good idea to park your car adjacent to another vehicle of a similar size. When you wish to drive your car, large trucks can get in your way and make it tough. They could also be used as hiding places by criminals or other aggressors who want to steal your car.

4. When parking in reverse or parallel, be cautious

It can be difficult to park your car parallel to other vehicles. As a result, you should exercise particular caution when trying to park in reverse or parallel. While engaging in various sorts of parking, you can prevent collisions and damage by following a few simple guidelines. For instance, keep going until you find a parking space that can easily fit your automobile. Use both side mirrors to check for obstructions, and then slowly reverse. Even if you initially struggle with the parking method, keep trying to master it. Position your vehicle with space between it and the vehicles in front of and behind you.

5. Never leave anything of value in the car

Make sure to securely lock the doors and roll up the windows after parking your car at the dedicated parking space. Additionally, avoid leaving valuables in your parked cars, such as pricey electronics, jewelry, or a phone, as doing so may tempt thieves to try to break in. Remember to be cautious when you stroll alone in a deserted parking lot, especially if you are carrying valuables.

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