Why Use Assigned Dedicated Spaces For Parking?

Finding a parking lot has become an issue in the majority of densely populated cities in the USA. It's normal for you to have problems like pricing and long waits to park your vehicle in such cities. In addition, lack of security, lighting, and ease of access may pose further problems. Add the cost of parking, and it makes matters worse. A four-wheeler owner in the USA spends approximately $300 to $400 on parking each year.

How do we resolve this issue? People looking to get parking with all the amenities and preferably at a cheap rate can benefit from using assigned dedicated spaces.

Desirable Qualities Of A Dedicated Space for Parking :


An assigned dedicated place for parking needs to be at the location where it can serve the maximum number of people. Preferably near a highway not in a congested area. Access to the area should be easy and hassle-free. If the assigned space is far away from the main city, that is also not ideal. It must strike a balance between not being too far from the main city and not being in the middle of a congested area.

Size Of The Dedicated Spaces:

The vehicles like cars, boats, RVs and trucks etc, come in all sizes. Therefore, dedicated assigned spaces must have enough space to accommodate all types of vehicles. Too small or too big a space will not help.

Easy Access:

Easy access is another facility that is desirable in these kinds of spaces. Ideally, member access procedures should have the use of technology that doesn’t require members to carry a key. A solution like bio-metric access or a dedicated mobile application that authorizes access would be ideal. Ease of access will ensure saving of time and fewer hassles.


A feature that is highly desirable is the security of the parking spaces. Everyone wishes to prevent theft and damage of their expensive vehicles. Dedicated security, CCTV, gated fencing, and easy, but secure bio-metric access are some ways these spaces can ensure their security.

Convenient Membership Plans:

Generally, you will find people tend to have a routine of going to a particular place. It can be a clubhouse, a workplace, a gym or anything important to an individual. Therefore, they might wish for an assigned dedicated place for themselves for a longer duration. These facilities should offer multiple types of membership with different duration, such as daily, weekly, monthly, and even yearly.


Pricing is another significant aspect of parking woes. If assigned dedicated places happen to be expensive then they will not benefit much. Expensive pricing will not attract users to such solutions. Such a solution should strike a balance between offering features but at reasonable pricing.

Concrete Pavements & Lightning:

The parking of such nature that is also big in size is likely to attract members for all weathers & who would want such facility to work in 24*7 format. Such facilities need ample lighting in order to maintain convenience and prevent any mishaps. Concrete well-built pavements are also important so that members enjoy a smooth ride while entering and exiting their dedicated spaces for parking.

All-Weather Protection:

It is desirable that such a facility is an indoor one. So that it can provide all-weather protection & remains open 24*7. It will ensure that members do not have to think about the timing and weather issues.

Why Go For Park King LV?

Above mentioned points are the ideal properties of any assigned dedicated sources. What if I tell you that one such facility already exists in Las Vegas. Its name is Park King Lav and it has a 5-acre yard dedicated to parking and storage. It has a gated secure perimeter around the whole facility. It offers all the facilities that have been discussed above to its members at reasonable pricing. The best part is its location that is only 7 minutes away from the main city but away from the congestion. With Park King LV, you can put an end to your parking woes in Las Vegas! Get in touch now.

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