Secure Overnight Truck Parking: Top Tips To Maximize The Parking Lot Security

Numerous firms continue to undergo fundamental change as a result of technology. There is no exception in the parking sector. Operators have quickly shifted to automated, unmanned garages in recent years. Drivers are welcomed by easy-to-use ticket dispensers as they enter. There are self-service payment stations at the exits.

However, as operators continue to cut back on onsite staff, maintaining security is becoming more difficult. According to the federal Bureau of Justice Statistics, parking garages and lots are the scenes of more than 11% of property crimes and 7% of violent crimes against people in the United States.

Fortunately, there are tested solutions in the security sector. Here are five best practices for providing secure overnight truck parking in Las Vegas.

Ways To Provide Secure Parking Facilities

1. Emergency stations

Customers in garages seek assistance as soon as they feel threatened. Additionally, it's common for cell phone service to stop working above or below ground when surrounded by solid concrete barriers. Emergency stations, including towers and wall-mount boxes, are then required to offer urgent help. Customers can immediately get in touch with security experts with the push of a button. Security officials can assess the situation with the use of built-in video cameras, which give them extra information. The stations are very simple to find because of their vivid blue lights.

2. Charging area communication

With more electric vehicles on the road, charging stations are being installed in many parking garages as an extra convenience for customers. These are also suitable locations to build a second communications station to provide support for the charging process or to report an emergency.

3. Access control

Monthly parking customers can use access cards and readers to enter and depart in designated lanes. Operators have a better understanding of which vehicles are present during emergencies thanks to the audit trail of the access system. All pedestrian doors into the garage should be locked, and a card reader or keypad should be provided to allow staff or first responders entry. When audio intercoms are added to ticketing machines, two-way support can be provided in case a consumer needs help using the machine or there is a problem with the equipment.

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4. Video surveillance

Offsite security staff can identify prospective or existing issues and take appropriate action before they worsen by viewing live, real-time video from security cameras. However, to provide secure parking facilities, look for cameras that can capture quality video in dimly lit areas. Entryways, exits, cash booths, elevators, and stairwells should all be covered by cameras. Paint the security cameras bright colors, put up a monitor at the entrances showing live feeds, and put up big signs saying the garage is being watched because research has shown that this is a very effective crime deterrent.

Video won't likely be watched round-the-clock. Because of this, video analytics are useful. Software for recognizing license plates is efficient. Monthly parkers can access the semi truck parking in Las Vegas when the service provider has all the licenses. By pausing barrier gates when a camera detects a human standing in their pathways, other analytics can increase pedestrian safety. Analytics can be used by operators to identify improperly parked or abandoned cars as well as vehicles traveling in the wrong way.

5. Design and Maintenance

To ensure secure space parking, keep the area illuminated because criminals frequently prefer to operate in dimly lit areas. Additionally, keep a backup power supply on hand to keep the gates open and the lights on in case of a power outage. The number of pedestrian and vehicle entries into a garage might be restricted by fences, gates, bollards, and even trees, and plants.

Criminals like to prey on lost or bewildered individuals. It is useful to have signs directing people to the stairs, elevators, and emergency stations. To aid customers in remembering what floor they parked on, use colors, symbols, or names. By selecting payment devices that exclusively accept credit cards, customers can avoid carrying cash, which is a common target for thieves.


Protecting the people and cars in their garages is good for business for parking owners. And the majority try their best to use the greatest security procedures available so they can keep moving forward with their long-term objectives for complete automation.

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