Semi Truck Parking Shortage 2022: Everything You Need To Know About It

Undoubtedly, the truck parking shortage would be near the top of the list of truck drivers' significant complaints about their jobs. Truck parking was actually ranked fifth on ATRI's list of the top industry issues for 2021 after drivers were consulted. The problem has spread throughout the industry to the point where legislation requesting Congress to take action has been introduced. Although it may go unnoticed on a national level, the truck parking problem is nothing new.

What You Should Know About Truck Parking Shortage

1. The reason behind truck parking issues

Despite the fact that there are now more trucks on the road than ever before and a higher need for freight, truck parking has always been a problem. Simply put, there aren't enough trustworthy and secure areas for cars to pull over on the road. Therefore, this causes a shortage of truck parking in Las Vegas.

The current lack of trucker parking is most likely caused by a confluence of four major factors:

  • The lack of governmental money makes it challenging to add extra public parking spaces

  • Parking in metropolitan locations is under strain due to an increase in end-of-transit and less-than-truckload routes.

  • As shipping demand rises, there are more and more drivers and vehicles on the roadways.

  • Drive-time windows are restricted by hours-of-service driving regulations.

2. How truck parking shortage is affecting the drivers

Although management and consumers are also impacted by the problem of truck parking, drivers are the ones who are most negatively impacted. Frequently, they must choose between leaving the road after the time they should have turned in or found an unsafe and illegal parking spot. Additionally, it's also becoming a financial problem for drivers.

Parking searches take up a lot of time that could be spent driving instead, resulting in lower daily mileage and costs. The problem is getting so bad that some drivers are starting to lose interest in the business completely.

3. What is being done to stop it

In March 2021, the Truck Parking Safety Improvement Act was presented to the House of Representatives. If approved, the legislation would provide the Department of Transportation (DOT) the power to allocate funds for additional truck parking along the US highway network. Unfortunately, the bill is currently inert in Congress because the house has not taken any action on it.

Additionally, truck parking was originally included in the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act with a $1 billion funding allocation, but that provision was removed before the legislation was completed. Companies that presently provide truck parking in the private sector aim to expand their current operations, but are frequently met with opposition from citizens and bureaucratic red tape from state and local governments.

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4. How Can Driver Combat It

Sadly, all of these factors place the onus of learning truck parking on the drivers themselves. For more than ten years, drivers have relied on parking-finding apps like Trucker Path to help them stay on schedule. The software has been downloaded by millions of drivers, who use it regularly to look for nearby parking. Even while it's far from ideal, it's far preferable to wing it and hope to locate a spot when it's time to close for the night.

The greatest thing you can do, though, is to plan ahead for parking and get a head start on it, as many drivers will tell you.

Final Thoughts

Although it appears that the truck parking problem will persist for some time, the good news is that people outside of the trucking sector are becoming more and more aware of it. There is optimism that the parking crisis will end as long as drivers, carriers, and those who are impacted keep speaking out against it.

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