The Ultimate Guide On How To Find Semi Truck Parking In Las Vegas

It is not surprising that semi truck parking was covered in the Critical Issues in the Trucking Industry survey. Even with the implementation of Jason's Law in 2012, trucks still have trouble finding secure parking spaces. This blog won't magically create more parking spaces, but it can assist truckers to know where to park a semi truck in Las Vegas, stay secure, and be aware of their surroundings.

Tips On How To Find Semi Truck Parking In Las Vegas

It's time to locate a semi truck parking lot and take a break after a day (or night) of driving as a trucker. Sometimes, this can be challenging, especially if you're trying to park alongside many other cars. Semi-truck parking space shortages are more than just an inconvenience. As a result, safety concerns might arise and the hours of service (HOS) might be violated. There are several tricks you may employ to make it simpler to find a spot and to park safely, even if the number of locations can vary.

1. Plan your trip

However, planning your trip ahead of time might help you be more productive, and you should think about parking. If the initial semi truck parking lot is full, it may be simple to change directions if a few different truck stops are listed. Additionally, it's crucial to allow enough time for travel in case it's required to go on to the following place. Using a smartphone application for truckers, you may be able to observe when the stop is busiest and how safe the area is when making plans for your load.

2. Consider stopping earlier

Around 4 or 5 pm, semi-truck parking spaces typically begin to fill up as drivers make their nightly stops. If you can, try to get a head start on the day so you can park before this. Some truck drivers even favor napping during the day and driving at night. Finding parking doesn't require you to fully change your itinerary, though. You might be able to avoid the crowds and secure a place even with a one- or two-hour time delay.

3. Look for smaller truck stops

Big-name truck stops frequently fill up first, although mom-and-pop places could have more spaces available even during the busiest hours. However, if you are going to be close to a big city, you might want to look into some of these lesser possibilities while making travel plans.

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4. Park smart

It's crucial to pick the ideal area once you've located a secure place to leave your truck. To avoid high traffic, try parking at the far end of the semi truck parking lot. Due to the fact that most truckers attempt to park as close to the buildings as possible, the front third of the parking lot sees the most in and out traffic. To avoid truck break-ins, always park your truck at a truck stop with the cab facing the same direction as the other trucks.

5. Know your neighbors

Note the business name, license plate, and unit number of any trucks that are parked next to you when you find a place to spend the night. In the event that your truck or its cargo is stolen or damaged, having the contact information of those around can be useful.

6. Select a bright, active area

Because there is a lot of activity and the semi truck parking lots are well-lit, several motorists choose to park in home improvement and department store lots. In certain places, your truck is less likely to be a target. Speak to the dispatcher at your final location if you're unsure about where to park. He or she might offer some useful advice for secure truck parking.

7. Sleep smart

Close your windows, install window screens if you have them, and keep any valuables hidden if you plan to sleep in your truck. Theft cannot access or open your truck in this manner. For further security, you can use seat belts or bungee cords to fasten your truck's doors shut.

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