Tips and Tricks to Avoid Parking Fees in Las Vegas

A trip to Las Vegas certainly wouldn't be complete without experiencing the nightlife scene. A night in Vegas offers nightclubs and shows of all kinds, so you can let loose and unwind. But going out in Vegas can be quite expensive. With so many cover charges at clubs and high drinks prices, you're sure to be looking for ways to save money, especially since MGM recently started charging for parking at its strip properties. It is quite obvious that these parking fees can be daunting. What if you get to know that you can eliminate these parking fees with the help of a designated parking space? If you want to enjoy Las Vegas nightlife, here are five ways to avoid paying expensive parking fees. So if it is something that catches your interest then take out some time to read this entire blog. Let’s start:

How to Avoid Parking Fees?

There is no denying the fact that due to the increase in demand for parking, the charges are also rising. In that case, getting a reserved parking spot in Las Vegas is a good option. Also, you can follow the below-mentioned tips to avoid the parking fees.

  • Sign up for M LIFE Rewards

As long as you have Pearl status or higher, M Life Rewards members can get free parking on Las Vegas’s famous strip. Furthermore, M Life Rewards members with Gold status and higher qualify for free valet parking. Create an account by signing up and you will be a member of M Life rewards.

  • Choose a non-MGM hotel

You will have to follow the hotel's parking regulations if you are staying downtown rather than on the strip, or if you are not staying at an MGM resort. A lot of downtown hotels still offer complimentary parking to their guests. In addition to charging no parking fees to its guests, Circus also offers valet services for a fee.

  • Skip the Car

If you're coming from out of town on vacation, don't rent a car. Skipping parking is one of the best ways to avoid it. Instead, take a taxi, use a car share service like Uber or Lyft, or walk along the strip to get you to your destination. Also, public transportation is available in Las Vegas. Check out the Ladah Law firm's online resources for more information on this type of transportation.

  • Understand Valet Charges

You will have to pay for valet services in Las Vegas. Nevertheless, if you only intend to stay for a short period of time, you will be charged a reduced rate (something to consider if you plan on only going out at night). Moreover, if you pay for valet services at any MGM hotel and use the service as such, you can come and go without being re-charged at multiple MGM properties throughout the day. You are still expected to tip, however.

  • Hold On to Your Parking Ticket

You could be charged the maximum daily rate, which may be $30 or more if you lose your parking ticket and you're not staying at an MGM resort (if you are staying at a resort, your room key acts as your ticket).

  • Save Money During Your Night Out

You can save a few extra bucks on the Vegas nightlife by looking for other ways to lower your expenses than just parking. Additionally, be sure to check out the list of free, no-cover nightclubs!

Wrapping Up

Hopefully, this blog will help you to understand different ways to avoid parking fees in Las Vegas. In case, you are traveling through your personal vehicle, you can get numbered parking spaces in Las Vegas with the expert team of Park King LV. We are here to provide the best and cost-effective parking solutions to help you avoid the huge parking fees. Also, we provide the facility for month-to-month rental agreements for the LV residents as well. Get in touch!

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