Top Tips And Tricks To Provide Secure Parking Services In Las Vegas

In terms of violent crimes, parking lots come in third place nationwide. Parking lots and garages are the scenes of more than one in ten property crimes. That equates to over 1,400 occurrences occurring every day in auto dealerships, retail establishments, and public parking lots across the country.

It is your duty as a property owner to provide secure parking services in Las Vegas. Customers may stop coming to your establishment if it gets a bad reputation for being a spot where violent crimes happen or where parked autos are frequently broken into or stolen. What can you do to make your parking safe for the people visiting you?

Here are some amazing tips that you can follow to provide secure parking services in Las Vegas. Let’s begin.

How To Provide Secure Parking Services In Las Vegas

In terms of public perception more than in terms of a legal obligation, crimes that take place on your property are a burden for your company. You can make the following improvements to increase parking lot safety:

  • Increasing illumination to prevent thieves.

  • limiting the amount of landscaping to eliminate hiding places for thieves.

  • putting up security signs around the place.

  • installing a security gate and fencing around the lot.

  • adding phones for emergencies

  • contracting a security firm to patrol the area

These security measures don't offer proactive security, with the exception of onsite security guards. Neither fences nor phones can collect data that will enable you to find the criminal culprit. And keeping on-site security personnel on duty around-the-clock, 365 days a year, maybe exceedingly expensive.

Businesses like apartments, shopping malls, office parks, and parking lot companies are incorporating live video monitoring into their parking lot security methods as a result of these difficulties. Utilizing equipment like contemporary, sophisticated parking garage security cameras has a lot of benefits.

The Benefits Of Modern Parking Surveillance Cameras

  • Modern security cameras connect wirelessly to the Internet and record data directly into the cloud, unlike older analog CCTV cameras that we're hardwired.

  • They are capable of having both long-lasting batteries and solar panels. In order to make them less susceptible to power shortages or outside disruption, they can even be weather-hardened.

  • Modern security cameras installed in parking lots and garages can be set to play an audio alert to prevent thieves. When specific rule-based procedures are violated, the program automates reactions.

  • A booming, loud voice may alert burglars or criminals that they have been observed and that the police are on the way. There may also be flashing lights and loud sirens in the background. That would discourage the majority of criminals from ever committing a crime!

  • The camera system notifies skilled security personnel that there is a parking garage security issue that has to be addressed when these alarms are triggered.

Add Virtual Guards to Your Parking Lot Security

By incorporating human judgment into the mix, virtual guard services can aid in the alleviation of this issue. This works by wirelessly transmitting the video surveillance footage to a security guard in a distant place who may assess whether the action is hazardous or innocuous. Is this guy being delayed in a parking lot, or are there two individuals who appear to be getting along well?

The top parking garage security systems give real people the knowledge they need to make this decision.

If an accident occurs or a car is damaged on your property, these parking lot solutions may be able to assist in resolving legal problems. Along with safeguarding your clients, staff, and assets, this can reduce any legal hassles.

Modern video cameras come with the most advanced artificial intelligence (AI) programs. A car's "ownership" status may one day be determined by intelligent AI cameras. While we're not quite there yet, AI-powered cameras of today can analyze vast amounts of data, assess threats, and react to situations that in the past would have required human intellect.

For instance, you may deploy perimeter defense cameras that surround your parking lot with a virtual fence using AI analytics. These cameras can distinguish between a false alarm—say, a stray cat—and the silhouette of a person wandering through an area they shouldn't be. After that, the camera will automatically:

  • Activate a spotlight.

  • Play a loud tape announcing that the person is trespassing, and the authorities are being alerted.

  • the activity is captured in the cloud.

  • Alert a live security officer at a security hub.

If you are a business owner of a parking lot, providing secure parking services in Las Vegas must be your first concern. Cameras will be visible to customers and employees, and they will feel more comfortable because of them. A secure parking lot may even assist draw in some new clients. Criminals will see them and be aware that you have taken precautions to safeguard your company.

Keeping all this in mind, we at Park King LV, offer the best and most secure parking services in Las Vegas. You can contact us anytime to avail our services.

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