Truck Parking In Las Vegas: Top Tips On How To Prepare For Parking At Storage Facility

The first step in choosing the type and amount of storage your truck needs is deciding to store it at a truck storage facility. Many of these truck parking storage include alternatives for covered and uncovered parking for semi-trucks. A further consideration is the size of your truck when determining how much space you need for parking. The staff at the facility will assist you in choosing the plan that best suits your needs and budget.

Therefore, it's time to get your vehicle ready for parking once you've worked with professionals in truck storage and you've decided where you're going to park. For long-term truck parking near Las Vegas strip, our specialists provide the following advice.

Tips For Long-Term Truck Parking

1. Before Long-term Storage, Replace The Fluids And The Oil

One of the worst things that can happen to a vehicle while it is being stored is condensation. Condensation can damage the fluids in your truck by accumulating them inside the system. Various vehicle fluids, such as coolant and oil, are susceptible to condensation. Before storing a semi-truck, experts advise changing all of the fluids in the vehicle.

Additionally, flushing out all of your systems before using truck parking storage facilities is a great idea. Changes to the fuel and water filters are also an excellent idea. Finally, experts advise filling up your petrol tank.

2. Drain Truck Air Tanks

Before storing your truck for an extended period of time, you should drain the primary, secondary, and wet air tanks. Rust might develop over time as a result of water accumulating from your air compressor and filter assembly. Rust like this can seriously harm your air brake system. Additionally, since the damage may be hard to uncover, you can find yourself in an uncomfortable situation.

3. Deep Cleaning

You will be glad to have a spotless truck to drive off in when it's time to drive your truck once more. Experts advise washing your truck before storing it, whether you do it yourself or take it to a truck wash. After washing, apply a coat of wax to protect the paint of your truck. You should also thoroughly clean the interior of your truck. This makes sure that when you return to work, you won't smell anything strange or offensive. Never forget to remove any food, beverages, or other anything that can attract pests.

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4. Keep Pictures Of Your Truck

The majority of are very secure, but experts recommend taking numerous photos of your truck. Moreover, it is a good option to ensure the safety of your truck in its designated parking area. By doing this, you may be confident that if you return and discover damage, you will have evidence to show that it was not there before. Although you usually have nothing to worry about, having images will come in handy if you ever need to talk to your insurance company about losses. Don't forget to read the insurance policy of the storage facility and ask any insurance-related inquiries to storage professionals.

5. Use A Trickle Charger

Even when parked, a truck’s electrical system continues to draw power from the battery. This implies that if you use truck parking for an extended period of time, you risk returning to a dead battery. You can add a trickle charger to the truck's batteries to get around this issue. These chargers are reasonably priced and energy-efficient. To ensure that nothing drains your battery while you're away, turn off the main power switch if your truck has one. Truck drivers frequently bring their batteries home and charge them there. Although this step is not required, it won't harm you if it makes you feel safer.

6. Check The Tire Pressure

When returning from a trip or time off, you don't want to find your truck tires flat. Due to this, it is highly recommended that you fill your tires to the required levels and check to see whether they are leaking. This will enable you to resume driving more quickly and preserve the finest possible condition for your tires.

Final Thoughts

Therefore, by following these tips, you are ready for long-term truck parking in Las Vegas NV. Also, many storage facilities offer free truck parking in Las Vegas. Additionally, if you still don’t want to park at the storage facility, you can park with us at Park KIng LV. We are a professional parking services provider in Las Vegas. Moreover, from semi truck parking to other vehicle parking, you will get everything under one roof. Let’s connect!

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