Semi Truck Parking Services In Las Vegas: Types Of Problems Faced By The Drivers

Finding a truck parking lot is the fifth-biggest problem facing the industry, according to the American Transportation Research Institute survey. But truck drivers deal with a lot of other issues related to semi truck parking services in Las Vegas as well. In the trucking sector, issues like ELDs, driver retention, and work hours continue to be a source of worry.

Below, you'll find a detailed summary of the survey that lists the major issues that truck drivers encounter most frequently.

Top Issues Drivers Face In The Semi Truck Parking Space

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Hours Of Service

In order to reduce anxiety related to hours of service (HOS), 30-minute rest breaks and the split-sleeper berth arrangement were established in 2018. To give the sleeping berth provision more flexibility, these improvements are now being further developed. Drivers now have the option to divide their off-duty time into 7 and 3 hours instead of the previous 8 and 2 hours, neither of which will count against their 14-hour driving window.


Keep pushing for the current sleeping berth arrangement to be more flexible. Drivers will have the chance to nap when they're exhausted and, ideally, steer clear of heavily populated places thanks to this.

Research to learn more about the possible effects of 30-minute breaks on locating a truck parking lot. Many drivers believe that the need for breaks affects the lack of parking and that more should be done to locate an alternative.

Driver Compensation

2019 marks the first year that driver remuneration has cracked the top 10 list of issues experienced by truck drivers, according to ATRI. Truck drivers believe they are not paid enough for their time, despite many of them receiving raises to make up for the driver shortage.


Comparing the pay of truck drivers to those in adjacent industries like construction This will help the trucking sector understand how current pay stacks up against the competition as well as where it falls short.

Determine the connection between driver pay and driver satisfaction. One of the causes of driver scarcity may be remuneration if it is the source of driver unhappiness.

Delay and Retention at Customer Facilities

Truck drivers have routinely reported delays of six hours or longer at customer locations since 2014. This delay has an immediate effect on the driver's HOS, pay, ELDs, and parking issues.


Examine how customer detention affects transportation operations. Detention periods, according to studies, reduce driver productivity and have been linked to an increased risk of crashes. Additionally, smaller fleets claim that they do not charge for detention rates in order to compete with larger fleets, even though doing so may negatively affect their business operations.

Especially when you take into account the possibility that drivers may be delayed by more than six hours at customer facilities.

Lack Of Semi Truck Parking Services In Las Vegas

One of the biggest and most hazardous issues that truck drivers still deal with is truck parking. In fact, it was so important to us that we built our entire business strategy around it. Drivers who are having trouble finding truck parking lots are more likely to violate HOS regulations or park in an unsafe location.


Develop a program with federal funding to enhance truck parking. Many truckers are optimistic that money from the government will be used to expand truck parking at important freight terminals.

Keep looking at the merits of truck parking reservation solutions that are available on demand. Members of the trucking business are taking notice of the growing number of drivers who are interested in this channel.

Driver Retention

While still a problem, driver retention has risen in the ATRI survey's rankings over the past few years. Many believe that the increases in driver compensation are responsible for the improvements in driver retention. Nevertheless, there is still room for improvement.


Maintain your emphasis on retention tactics. According to survey findings, more studies into effective methods to increase driver retention may be desirable. For further research, pursuing previously identified measures like enhancing trust between carriers and drivers and allocating more time at home shows real promise.

Look into the connection between driver retention and safety features. Unsurprisingly, truck drivers don't generally accept the use of safety technologies like driver-facing cameras, speed limiters, and active braking systems. These technologies may be affecting driver retention even though they offer benefits. It is believed that more investigation into this connection would reveal practical retention tactics for drivers.

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