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The tractor of a semi-truck

Are you new to the concept of bob-tail truck parking services? No worries! Let’s see what these services are all about. The term 'bobtail' refers to the cab/tractor of a semi-truck. As a result, the sign "No Bobtail Parking" indicates that semi- cabs are not allowed to park. At Park King LV, you will get to avail a number of parking services like semi-truck, dry van trailer, Flatbed, car- carrier, bobtail truck parking, and a lot more. With us, your bobtail trucks and other vehicles are safeguarded. You will get a hassle-free parking and storage facility at Park King.

Please contact us at least three days in advance if you have parking problems. There won't be URGENT parking available for more than five units on a weekend. We must hear about a trailer park that will hold ten or more trailers five days or more in advance. We are used to emergency parking situations. Whenever you are on vacation or need a place to park your semi-truck or empty or loaded trailer when you have an emergency, you can trust us to secure your equipment.

Parking for commercial equipment is complex, and we reserve the right to reduce the number of available spaces for some units or equipment we are unable to monitor for safety and legal reasons. The storage services that you can avail with us are:

  • Same-day parking

  • Overnight parking

  • Weekend parking

  • Long term parking

  • Monthly parking


At Park King LV, we are available all day and every day to assist you. You can avail a reserved parking slot in Las Vegas whenever you need them. All you need to do is just inform us in advance so that we can book a slot for you. Hurry Up! Book Now!

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